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  • anyone?

    I’m not aware of a specific import script that will do imports. Maybe one of the WordPressers out there who knows databases really well could whip something up. They would have to know how your db is structured, however.

    Thanks NuclearMoose. Does anyone know of any script/program that would be able to do this?

    Hi megiddo

    This is probably not very helpful but…

    Do you have an upgraded account at If you do, you have the option to do a backup of the DB…unfortunately I don’t know how to extract the posts from that DB.

    I switched from blogdrive to WP a year ago and had to bite the bullet…I couldn’t find a script or the like to extract the data I needed, but as NMoose writes maybe someone can come up with something…

    Good luck…

    I do not currently have the upgraded account, but I would be glad to get it if I’d be able to get the posts into WP

    Don’t make me get on my knees and beg here!

    Whoa, not pretty.

    I’m not sure this helps, but does BlogDrive provide a way of exporting to any other blogging tool? For example, MovableType? Going through an intermediate format may be a way of moving your BlogDrive posts to WordPress.

    Also, do you have a way of exporting posts to RSS?

    I went through technical support, begging for information on whether I could export or not. The answer is: No, absolutely not.

    All well, guess it’ll be copying everything by hand for me!

    One thing I want to know, though, is WordPress is able to export to a good format, right? Hopefully a format that’s usable by other blogs in case I ever want to change again….

    “WordPress is able to export to a good format, right?”

    Uh, in a way.

    WordPress doesn’t provide a built-in method, but when you can export (i.e. backup) the database, you do have a way to grab the blog content and make use of it elsewhere.

    One way of backing things up:

    Moderator James Huff


    And, here’s another way via phpmyadmin:



    There is a way to export blogdrive entries to Movabletype. I found a template that would do that here:

    After that is over, all you need is to import the entries from MT into WP via:

    Hope that helped! Solution might be a wee bit late but better late than never 😛

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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