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  • Part of my blog is daily updates on what the Los Angeles Dodgers did in their last game. I currently have a private, stickied post that has some code that goes into each post, namely a graphical link to the Dodgers site, an unordered list for articles on the game and info on the next game. I also have links to player information that I can grab and throw in each post as needed.

    Is there a way that I can create either a template or some sort of boilerplate that I can call upon each time I create a new post that will have some of this content without having to do the old copy and paste rag each time? Just generating this post can take an hour a day and I’m looking for some way to shave off some of the time.

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  • If this is a constant content (without changes) I’d put it in a file and would use one of the plugins that allow running PHP in posts (PHPexe or RunPHP) and call it with an include line.
    Maybe others can come up with a simpler idea…

    The problem is that it changes daily. The boilerplate info is simply my daily starting point.

    I see. So then what exactly is “constant” that you’d like to have handy when creating a post? (Just trying to understand better…)

    Could you “quicktag” it?

    Sorry, moshu, I missed your post earlier. The constant items are the Dodgers graphic, a text link to the Dodgers website, the SmallFont link to the box score, the news rundown, and the next game preview.

    I’d rather not quicktag it, Kafkaesqui, because I already have several extra quicktags and I’d rather not add one more if I can avoid it.

    I am also looking for something similar. I write a daily market commentary that I would like to be able to start from a template with the paragraphs and formatting already included and just change the relevant numbers and some other adjectives. Is this supported as a plugin maybe? The problem is that it is so hard to search for “Template” because we keep coming up with design and layout “Templates” for wordpress itself, not individual posts

    Have you looked at structured blogging? I don’t know if you can adapt something from it.

    Ummm, not to sound like an ass, but have you tried copy-and-paste from a local text file storing your ‘template’? Since this is only a ‘starting point’, and not actually a templated, static thing, copy-and-paste (or yes, a quicktag) really would be the proper approach.

    I guess I could forsee some kind of ‘default post content’ option, but that’s in fact what a copy-and-paste, or quicktag, would do for you (granted, one less step — except when you DON’T want the template!).


    Yes, copy-paste is very easy for me… The problem is the other contributors to this will be 50yrs+ so I was hoping for something along the lines of a “Starting Point” type system that would be user-defined. And on a per-user basis (so not every user would see all the templates of other people)

    Actually david, I do copy & paste from a private, stickied post with the basic information. As I originally said, I was wondering if there was a way to save that as a template, but I’m guessing there isn’t.

    Thanks for all your feedback, everybody.

    There isn’t at the moment — that’s not to say there couldn’t be for the future! 😉

    It sounds like a reasonable feature request for bloggers who have a basic daily blogging format/template they follow.

    It would be possible to have a plugin that creates a brand-new post for editing with the contents of a text file (or another post) as the starting point. It might require some hackery to get a button somewhere useful in the interface (like the Post screen).


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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