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  • I’ve been using an older version of Simple Tags for a while now. I didn’t want to upgrade because of the hideously slow new system in the current Simple Tags. The version I was on (not sure of the number) had the smaller tag box that suggested tags at typing speed in a blue drop-down type of thing.

    I was forced to upgrade due to WordPress 3.1 and hate this new Simple Tags. Why did you ever get rid of the old method of tagging? It used to be that as I type, suggested tags would appear and I could hit down, down, enter to get them in. With this new version, by the time it suggests tags, I’m already done typing. Before I could literally type a letter and a suggestion box would pop up instantly — what gives?

    Is there an option to go back to that functionality? If not, can you bring it back. Frankly, this new version quite sucks. =\

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  • I AGREE! I am looking to revert back to the old version without losing data. The new SIMPLE TAGS…SIMPLY SUCKS

    Indeed. In the old version, as soon as I hit a letter, suggestions popped up instantly. On this new version, suggestions won’t appear until I stop hitting keys — and even THAT takes a little while for them to appear!

    Plugin dev, could we get a response, please?

    Plugin Author Amaury Balmer


    For features :

    The new version use ajax for get tags on autocompletion. Slowly but required for people that have lot’ts of tags.

    I think i will had a option on next major release.

    Amaury, thanks for response. Honestly, the removed features don’t bother me. I use different plugins for related posts, etc.

    But the autocompletion — this new AJAX code — sucks. I have TONS of tags, and the old AJAX method worked fine. I see you’ve updated it a bit, but it’s still slower than slow. There’s no point in me using autocompletion, right now, as I can easily type the tags faster than waiting for them to appear.

    I want the old version back.

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