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  • I’ve been searching for hours for an answer to directly upload my Camtasia instructional videos to wordpress.

    I’ve tried 6 different Plugins and they all stink. Is there a simple way to just upload the Flash File into a player that works INSIDE the post, has a skin, has a controller, fits to size, etc.?

    It seems like someone would have developed something by 2010, but I can’t find SQUAT.

    How are people getting their Camtasia or other screen capture/recording video devices into their posts?

    I tried the default uploader for video, it doesn’t take Flash…made tags for it, a description, everything, and it doesn’t work. All the other Plugins have no room for tagging or description, which is important.

    Please help me, I’ve been trying for HOURS to find one and searched dozens of posts in Google. Surely someone knows the trick.

    I don’t want to upload it to some other HOST or SERVER to only point the URL back to my blog. I want to be able to have the videos straight onto my posts, right from the upload/browse button from my computer files.

    I’m going NUTS trying to find ONE working way to do this.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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