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  • Is there a way of finding out who the subscriber was to a now email address that doesn’t exist anymore?

    Case in point. I am in the used cell phone business looking for a specific model cell phone I put in the yahoo search engine and came up with Buzz Machine.

    Buzz Machine presented a list of dealers and their cell phones with wholesale prices. I wrote to a number of these dealers and each and everyone of them I wrote to either did not respond to my inquiries about their cell phones or their email addresses couldn’t be found because there was a delivery error that the user doesn’t have a yahoo account. Other Mailer-Daemon messages read: mailbox unavailable.

    The question is does anyone out in cyberland know how to find these people who advertised these low prices on their cell phones. These ads of which I speak were advertised in November 2005 just a month before the Christmas holiday. I can’t believe they just took down there email address and went out of business.

    Yahoo and hotmail will not divulge their clients addresses given when they registered. So does anybody reading this Know another way to finding these cell phone companies.


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