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  • I keep thinking about activating Facebook comments on my self-hosted WordPress sites but for many of our sites the comments are a big part of our content and I would hate to lose them entirely if we later got rid of Facebook comments. Is there a way to export the comments back out of Facebook and back into WordPress later if such a need arises?

    Also, while we’re on this topic, what do you guys recommend as the best way to implement Facebook comments? I’ve tried several of the plugins and they all have issues so I’m hoping a personal recommendation will point me in the right direction.

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  • Maybe I should clarify. I don’t mean importing comments left on my links on Facebook into WordPress (though, hey, that’d be nice too!). I just mean the comments left on the blog post using the Facebook Comments plugin. I’d like to be able to export them for future use on the blog if possible.

    I don’t believe so, as the comments are the property of Facebook. They would need to have an exporter (or someone would have to write a scraper).

    The Pros And Cons Of Facebook Comments

    The techcrunch article from March says they are writing an API for it. Was that idea scrapped or just a rumor to start with?

    It may just be ‘in progress’ but I’d have to actually use Facebook to really know more 😉

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