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  • it would be nice when someone posts a comment to learn where they found out about my site/blog. is there a plug in or something that adds this functionality?


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    or (and look for google analytics)

    I don’t think it where tell you where a specific commenter came from, but maybe it will. I haven’t explored those options very much.




    wp-comment-post.php (the file that actually sends the comment) is nearly always going to show your own site as the referer, except for those rare instances where someone refuses to send a referer.

    So if you looking to know ***exactly*** where a commenter came from youre going to need to do a little mental legwork no matter what stats proggy you use.

    You can, easily enough though, know how someone found a particular post using any stats program there is (theyre all going to show referers to the permalinks themselves)

    yeah, what whooami said. I think google analytics is smart enough to trace a user’s visit. I could be wrong about that, it’s just a rumour I heard while hanging out in a back alley looking for pop bottles. But even that still isn’t as direct and simple as you’ve requested.

    It would actually be an interesting potential feature, if each visitor had a profile of data accumulated like the referer and perhaps platform etc. That would be a lot of data on a busy site. It was years ago I stopped caring about that sort of info. A lot of time wasted in my opinion. Just give me the broad strokes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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