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  • Is there a way to avoid “Medium size” thumbnails from being created and showed on new image gallery/manager on WordPress 2.5? I rather use a simple little thumbnail/original size scheme than using three different sizes of the same images.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Also looking for this… :S

    Maybe someone could implement this solution through a plugin – though I would like it to be a native feature…

    I opened a ticket ( about this; maybe it gets some support…

    Thanks a lot! Let’s see if someone finds a solution.

    if you set the Max width and Max height for medium pics to a large enough value (i.e. larger than any picture that you would upload), no medium sized thumbnail will be generated. the setting is at Options>Miscellaneous

    @ibear: And would that work with the previously uploaded images? Or must we re-upload all images? Thanks for the tip!

    Sorry… Ignore

    As a temp fix ibear’s solution will work, although like you I don’t see the point of having an extra image stored on the system without the option to disable.

    One more thing: the solution does skip the medium size thumbnail, but it still doesn’t link directly to the original image. It links to an “attachment” page, where the image is displayed. What I wanted was to have a thumbnail gallery where each thumbnail links to the image file, so that I can use a Lightbox…

    Hi, have you guys tried using either NextGen gallery, AWSOM Pixgallery, or any of the other galleries available? They all pretty much have what you want and will have more dedicated support and options since they are dedicated projects.

    @harknell: well, yes, i did tried. However, i would rather stick with the core “functions”, since i don’t need that many functionalities. Anyway, it seems I’m out of luck with this wp gallery, I may just try again one of the “other” galleries… Thanks for the suggestion.

    Just found this info:

    edit media.php in the wp-includes dir:

    The line number 394 is as follows in 2.5:

    $link = wp_get_attachment_link($id, $size, true);

    change it to:

    $link = wp_get_attachment_link($id, $size, false);

    and it should work!

    And it does. I updated my trac request to include this. Maybe this could be coded as an admin option…

    Thanks for the solution.

    Bytheway, in 2.6.1 it’s line 447 in media.php

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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