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  • Hi,
    I’m developing a site for a client and I would really like to know if it’s possible to edit Getwid template library’s items (this one, for reference).

    I would like to create a custom template that my client will use to quickly create new pages. I know that I can use Gutenberg Reusable Blocks but I actually don’t like very much the way they work…

    Is it possible to add, edit or remove templates from there? I wasn’t able to find where the code responsible for those templates is…


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    Hi @videostudio1,
    Thank you for your question. At the moment there is not such a possibility however we have added your request to our list of features and will notify you when we have any news about it. Thanks.

    This would be awesome! You should also make this public. So one can share templates with others. There must be a button “Upload Template to community Library”.

    This feature also can be used to upload a template into the cloud and use it within another wordpress site. 🤘😁

    Plugin Support Mary



    Thank you for your idea, we will add it to the created feature request, for our developers to consider it 🙂



    this feature would make getwid the holy grail…currently there’s no way to customize the default settings for a getwid block or getwid template, so whenever they’re inserted on any post/page the user has to change every setting manually. this is not very useful for a site if they have to do that 10-20 times while entering content. it also leaves a lot of room for user error. reusable blocks are certainly helpful to save out those default settings, but can be misused by content entry people (easy to hit “convert to regular block” and “remove from reusable blocks” are right next to each other and can be confused easily by accident). and even if content entry folks convert to regular block correctly, the problem still exists that the block defaults cannot be edited universally once they’re converted to a regular block. they have to be removed and re-added afterwards to inherit any changes.

    i think this is a priority for the getwid team. you’ve already released a *ton* of great tools, but release this one and you’re the leader here!

    Plugin Support Dmytro


    Hi @ukeboyska,
    Thanks for your feedback. We will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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