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    Just a quick question. I am working on a plugin to delete a few hundred posts from my site. As part of that, i want to automate the deletion and then have a 301 redirect automatically created. All deleted posts should redirect to the same page.

    For example, pretend I have an automobile website. I have a custom post type called automobiles. Then I have 500 posts each with a different post about a car.

    My plugin would delete these cars from a list i provide (it would be a list of post ids) and then delete them from wordpress. It should also create a 301 redirect to go from the post page to the main /automobiles page on my site.

    Is that possible?

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    We don’t have an API or any public-facing functions at the moment. Sorry πŸ™

    However, create a few redirects by hand. Then open up the table where redirects are stored – (site_tbl_prefix_)redirects. See how those redirects are saved and just insert more rows directly in the table for the new rules you need. It should work without any problems.

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    yep, that will work! Thank you! That is actually perfect.

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    You’re welcome πŸ™‚

    If you have a minute, please leave a review. It’s what keeps support going. Thank you πŸ™

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