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  1. Brad
    Posted 8 years ago #

    to anyone out there in the WP community; is there a recommended wasy to feed in a list of calendar dates into WordPress from a created page.

    situation is, i have currently been using the iCal4WP Plugin which creates iCal subscribable calendars (.ics files) from our events and much more by Gerald Estadieu for a client, and the problem is that a separate entry has to be made for each event to really use this plugin, but i need to keep things simple for my client and while we would like to use this for our purposes with items that will be coming up, or just did not make the already printed calendars that have been released to the members of the association.

    so question is, is there a "hack" or way to manipulate, maybe the plugin already exists, to have a txt file loaded to the site that would automaitically place a list of upcoming evetns. it would be nice to have this happen from the page that has been created that the client has alread listed all yearly events, but i would like to show them a feature that they can use that once they make updates to their created page, it will update the calendar feed.

    maybe i am not thoroughly clear in what i am looking for, but any help would be appreciated.

    i guess i am trying to describe something similiar to a plugin i have used to get RSS feeds from other sites and control how many items get listed. so i guess, it could be done via XML, but i have not idea on how to do this.

    thanks greatly!


  2. Brad
    Posted 8 years ago #

    any ideas?

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