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  • Hello WordPress tech angels! Im running the Modularity Lite 1.3 theme. Set up for my new blog is going fabulous, but I am having one problem. My text is hard to read. Is there anyway I can darken the text box background color and lighten the text? I have tried changing the text color but it does not publish the change. I can not find an option anywhere to change the background text box color. Have mercy sweet tech angels, and help a girl out!

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    Url to site please?

    I also tried running the platform 1.2.5. theme which worked great. I set up the site last night, but when I checked it this morning it was all messed up and the text box was missing completely! Any ideas how to restore the text box on that? Or ideas of a theme that will allow me the customized picture background with a textbox over it? I want the picture background, but of course my content still needs to be readable. Thank you so much for your help!

    Ok I have now tried the 2010 1.2 theme and that gives a text box, but I can not customize the fonts and colors on that theme. So many choices. I really liked the Platform 1.2.5. theme the best. I hope there is a way to restore the text box on that one!

    I am also using platform 1.2.5. theme on my PMS Relief and it is working great actually.
    Hope some angel comes and helps you.

    Thanks Jennah! Your site looks great!

    Just came across this post, if you change your theme back to the one you preferred (Platform) I’ll help you get the color situation sorted.

    That would be amazing! I put it back on the Platform theme. As you can see my text box has disappeared! Thank you so much for your time!

    Ok I don’t have that particular theme but do they allow for custom CSS anywhere? Like a theme options page somewhere in the backend of your WordPress site?

    There are a lot of options on this theme. There is a choice for page background color. It is still set to white, but is just missing. There is for custom code on the design control.

    Custom code for CSS?

    If so, put

    .content { background: white; }

    into that area and save the file. Should fix your issue.

    It did not work 🙁 I decided oh well, and went to the 2010 theme, even though I really dislike it. Now I can not add a link to my Rss. It allowed me to type in the info in a text box, it shows all the text but the word “here” is just a word not a link even thought I put the code in. I also tried to install the google friends connect as a widget and that did not work. I added a text widget to my primary widget area and posted the HTML I got from google and nothing is showing on my site page. I am getting so frustrated. Am I doing something terribly wrong?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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