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    This is were I’m at now:

    I’ve intalled WP 2.5.1 through Godaddy because I prefer to have a blog with my own url.

    Is there a WP theme that approximates the ease and functionality of Blogspot? I would be willing to pay a small price to get one if it exists.

    For me-

    Drag and drop = good

    Playing with code = bad

    Do I just need to stick with Blogger for now?

    Thanks, Jerry.

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  • The theme doesn’t have anything to do with the functionality, ease or difficulty of the blogging application.

    Are you asking how easy or hard WordPress is to learn as opposed to Blogger/Blogspot? If you are comfortable with Blogspot/Blogger, then set up a self-hosted Blogger blog.

    If you want to “testdrive” WordPress, sign up for a free WordPress blog at

    Live with it awhile and decide if you like it well enough to invest the time it will take you to learn it (it’s different from Blogspot for certain).

    But I now think you may just be asking how difficult it would be to port your DESIGN to WordPress. It’s not hard at all if you understand a bit about CSS and HTML already. The layout of your current blog is a simple one (that’s a GOOD thing). So you could probably start with the Classic theme that ships with WordPress.

    Thanks jonimueller, I appreciate your patience.

    I’m comfortable with Blogger, but I worry about investing much into it because I assume it’s more limiting in the long run. I’m just getting started with this blog and I would rather struggle a little to use something with more future potential than settle with what I’m comfortable with. My site will essentially be a blog but will also serve to market a product, that’s why I want a unique url and more flexibility. If the product was due to be released any day I wouldn’t be looking for shortcuts.

    Are there no WP themes that are designed so that a person with very limited knowledge of code can modify the layout and functionality?

    Hi Jerry,
    Many, if not most, WordPress themes come with a widgetized sidebar, which means that you can drag and drop new modules like archives, search, a list of categories or tags into your sidebar. Plugins that support the sidebar allow you install even more modules. This is accessed on the “Widgets” page under the “Design” tab on your blog.

    Some themes allow for more advanced customization from the admin panel. Once such example is the Tarsky theme. It allows you to upload banner graphics, change the color scheme, and also includes a widgetized side bar. There are many other themes that do this, most of them are free.

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    Hope this information is helpful.


    Thanks Dalton, I just installed Blog.txt and I’m getting a little more comfortable. I think I’ll take your advice and check out Tarsky too.

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