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  • I am considering the idea of running an informational product site on WordPress. However with the page’s current design done way back by another person, there are alot of buttons that would be needed (connecting to WordPress Pages, not posts). The layout has some buttons on top, some on bottom and some on the side. Some of them even have dropdown for “submenus”.

    I would prefer to consolidate them to only 2 places (top and side). Regardless, is there a point where I should really be using another CMF/CMS program for sites based on the number of pages it will involve? I know that WordPress was a program orginally designed for blogging so that is why I ask.

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  • There is no “technical” limit to the number of links to pages. I’m sure there could be a design impact on usability, user friendliness, look, feel, etc,, but that’s hard to determine without seeing the design.

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    WordPress does not cope well with large numbers of “Pages” (instead of “Posts”) in certain cases. If you need large numbers of Pages (100+), then WP might not be the best choice.

    Please excuse this link as the web design on it is surely a navigational nightmare, which is what I intend to avoid in implementation of WordPress or another CMF/CMS:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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