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  • You can subscribe to tags relating to your plugin so the posts come to you as needed.

    Also, some people are willing to pay for support. 😉

    Well Andrea, I like to keep all conversations, questions and answers pertaining to one of my plugins in one single place. I find it more convenient for users also. And I like it for this place to be my own support and development blog, where most users of this plugin already posted useful advices or fixes.

    As for billing support, I do provide personalized support to paying customers also. This is very clearly explained in the plugin help pages and on my site.

    However, development of this specific plugin is funded by customers that agree for it to remain freely available to all.

    I always prefer willing users to volunteer funding a new feature that will then be made freely available to all. I would rather suggest customers to sponsor an improvement to a freely available plugin, or make a donation to keep it free for all, rather than switch to the alternative commercial solution that you advertise.

    I guess it’s just a slightly different approach to the same business. Although I do respect other models and the quality of alternative software available elsewhere, I would just prefer to keep commercial offers clearly distinct from a forum thread dedicated to support on a completely free piece of software.

    And to point other participants in this thread to a useful direction, please be aware that this plugin, as of version 3.x only deals with plugin OPTIONS, not in anyway with DATABASE TABLES. If you’re searching for specific plugin options, you would rather have to parse the code for statements such as:


    Retrieving or setting option values through a direct SQL query is not a good implementation, and good plugins usually do not do it.

    I’m working on version 4 of this plugin right now, coming your way very soon (like before the end of the year). It WILL implement custom database table replication which is completely distinct from option replication.

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    ydubois – No one is commenting on your choice to support your plugins on your site. In fact, there are quite a number of plugins and themes do that. It’s perfectly fine and, in fact, that’s how many people charge for support and make money. Perfectly acceptable business practice. Laudable even.

    Andrea was just saying ‘Hey, you know it’s okay to charge.’

    I will say that 2 months ago, when I originally ran into this topic, there were no directions to go to your site on the plugin page. Nice to see the change 🙂

    Well, I’m sorry but the link to the official support page has always been there on the plugin documentation, in the readme file, in the plugin source file, and in the plugin administration panel. Since this is part of the deal with that plugin’s original sponsor (there is also a link to the web site of that customer), it was there from the very first release on.

    But there’s always room for improvement, so I’ll try to make that even more visible in future releases of my plugins. And maybe, as Andrea suggested, I’ll subscribe to the WP forums to keep on telling everyone where it’s all happening 😉

    And I know it’s OK to charge: that’s written everywhere on the plugin’s settings page. How do you think I make a living?

    Thanks anyway for stating that you know the plugin works, and for trying to help. I’m back to developing version 4 now.

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    Yeah, I don’t download the plugins most of the time. If someone has an ish, I go to the WP plugin page, read the faq (since a lot of the time, they answer the questions!) and if it says ‘For support…’ on those pages, I send ’em to you 😉

    (2 months ago, Otto was overhauling the plugin pages, so a lot of formatting got wiggy for a while. But. if there’s a link on the plugin admin page then tsk!)

    Version 4.0.0 is out for beta testing. Try it out here:

    It does support replication of some plugins’ specific database tables in addition to replicating standard WP Options. It also has many new settings including excluding specific blogs from replication.

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