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  • So I’ve probally spent 6-8 hours over the last two days. I’m trying to basically convert the page I created in Photoshop into a blog via wordpress.

    I’ve spent tons of time with the default and have had horrible results. It doesn’t get much better with the classic either.

    My question is this: What’s my best route to to get a no frills wordpress blog that will feature:
    •the header I created (saved as a gif)
    •a two row navigation menu to sit under the header (4 gifs top, 3 gifs under)
    •keep the background a repeating gif file?
    •keep all pages at a width equal to the header/navigation menu that floats in the center?

    I’m basically just trying to build it from the bottom up. I’ll add all the other stuff later but trying to do it with the default/classic seems impossible. I’ve followed the codex guides and they leave something to be desired.

    Can anyone recomend the best way to go about this. Possibly a really basic theme I can just drop the stuff into?

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  • not trying to bump this. I just wanted to say thanks to any help, you guys seem very knowledgable and anything you can provide is appreciated greatly.

    my 2 cents would be to chop up your website design as slices in Photoshop and then use the save for web features to output html, images and css. It will need to be cleaned up, but it will give you a rough idea of the html/css code and the positioning info. After that, find a theme that’s close and tweak it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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