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  • felipereisfernandes


    Hi there. I would like to show the accessibility menu through a menu, not with the float button. Is there a way to show this button to click with a shortcode? I want to display this with a menu, like: Home | About | Accessibility | Talk to us

    Thank you

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  • DCuserName


    +1, this would be a very nice feature, the icon placement is a bit intrusive for many designs.

    I would like this as well. I find that the always-on sticky icon is fine for desktop, but for mobile I need something less obtrusive. For example, a text link at the bottom of the page that would trigger the menu.

    As a work-around, I was thinking about just making:

    div.pojo-a11y-toolbar-toggle { display: none;}

    And then I could have a menu item or link somewhere that would change its display back to visible AND simulate it being clicked.

    Has anyone got a better solution right now?



    Add me to the “great idea” list. 👍 I’d much rather have a menu link, probably in the footer, rather than the icon.

    I’ll look at the coding to see if there’s a snippet that might work. Will post back if I sort it out.

    Add my vote to this idea.
    Your plugin is still the best option I found until now for a simple out of the box accessibility solution. Having the icon always visible is a good fit for most cases, but in some particular cases a less obtrusive option is really needed.
    Having the possibility to place the icon and/or a text link in a specific place with a shortcode would be a huge benefit.

    If there would be a temporary workaround it would also be really appreciated.

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    Simple workaround would be to hide default toggle button with CSS and attach javascript to custom button:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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