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  • Hi,

    I switched from nucleus to wordpress and are very happy. The only Module/Plugin i miss is the Searchspy Plugin. This has two features:

    – Log the keywords wich users enter into the search of the blog
    – Display this keywords and the keywords from where google-visitiors come and display them in a block inside the sidebar

    Does anyone know such a plugin?
    If no, is anyone willing to code such a plugin? I pay you, make an offer.

    Kind regards
    Sandro Feuillet

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  • I can do it, but I’ll give other people a chance to reply, if someone else is desperately in need of money, I’ll let them do it, because its a relatively easy job.

    Might be better to put it in a meta tag for keywords, instead of in the sidebar…

    <meta name=”keywords” content=”some keywords but not much” />

    (all one line)

    CG-Referrer (part of the CG-PowerPack) already can track all keyword search traffic on a site, just doesn’t currently do it exclusively. And yes, there’s a function to display the last N searches in the sidebar.

    If you wanted ONLY searches tracked, I could add that as an option pretty easily.

    And I always take donations from people who want to support my development of plugins, or my site. 😉


    btw, I did just verify that if you track internal visits, it does properly ‘see it’ as a search string — however, it doesn’t currently show internal searches on the search page. Probably a minor tweak to get that working, and that’d probably be the same for the sidebar function (since they’re the same function!).


    actually, try the CGPP release… I think I just snuck in the proper support, though it might be missing some things.


    hi david
    i just installed cgpp, looks great but as you mentioned, the internal search is not tracked. where can i read how to integrate recent search keywords in the sidebar?

    kind regards

    referrerReadme should have noted the search lookup function — does it not? I haven’t been as good with the docs as I should. something like getSearches. If it isn’t there, drop a note and I’ll get you an example. 😉

    However, should be tracking internal searches. If it isn’t, there’s some additional issue (hmmm… come to think of it, possible that permalink-styled URLs will affect tracking internal searches…).



    I tried to implement this, but its not working. I would like to have this in the sidebar

    What i would like to have:

    <li><a href="">query</a></li>

    <li><a href="http://myblog.tld?q=query">query</a></li>

    is that possible with your script?

    regards & thanx


    It doesn’t do exactly what you desire – but I’ve created a plugin that tracks internal searches.

    The projectpage is at

    Actually, shouldn’t be too hard to do a

    if (referrer == (whatever))

    -thingy, but simply don’t have time…



    I was looking for something similar to this, and would also like it to add up each of the searches, is this possible?

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