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  • I’m getting ready to launch a membership site and was looking at for billing and subscription management.

    Is there a wordpress membership plugin that works with Recurly? I need something that will manage access to posts, pages, categories etc. and use Recurly as the billing engine.

    I would like to link the username and passwords for both so that the customer doesn’t have to log into Recurly to manage their payment info etc. and the experience will be seamless. Once they log into my wordpress membership site they would be logged into Recurly.

    Also would like to integrate in the content access, so that if a card bounces in Recurly or the customer stops payment, that their access to the WordPress site will end.

    I am using Wishlist Member. And both Wishlist and Recurly have an API. Just not sure how to go about this and what to do to get these two systems to talk to each other. Any help is appreciated.

    Wishlist Member API:
    Recurly API:

    Anyone know of any plugins? I am not a coder and this is all new to me.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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