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  • I’m looking for a plugin I could use in reviews where ratings are displayed with images? So 5 stars, 6 stars etc.

    What would also be good is to have some sort of measurement or aggregated score where those that make comments could also post their rating of the item in review or article?

    I’ve seen one plugin which is text based and requires the user to enter rating x or something which is a little unwieldy. Would prefer something cleaner to use.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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  • I’d be interested in the same thing. There was a ratings plugin for earlier versions of WP but when I looked at it (if I recall correctly) it required too much tweaking of core files.

    Moderator James Huff


    It would be nice if rate-it had a readme file so that we know where to install the files, etc.

    macmanx thanks for the link, however that’s slightly different from what I need – my understanding is that this plugin rates the article by user vote – that is to say, if someone like it, it gets voted and that’s it – no score other than the number of people that have voted for it.

    debwire check the plugin creators website, his details are in the php and support files.

    What kind of features are y’all looking for? I’ve done enough stuff now, and want an Amazon-like user-rating system myself… might code it up (not QUICKLY mind you!).


    lol david – that sounds quite enticing – if you need it to be tested let me know as I would be very interested.

    my thought was this: the author of the post is able to rate the review (obviously) and then makes the post. Those who comment are given a drop down menu which are numbered 1-10 (or whatever you decide to include as the allowed input) and the result is presented with single images representing the full count, so for example 4 stars or 5 stars below the users comments with the rating.

    Of course it gets trickier when trying to get the average score of all scores so far.

    Then I thought how about different images for each rating, or at least the option to do so – it could be design in the same was as the topic icon plugin – where a folder contains all the possible images required, and the rating could then be designated by number – so 1 would result in a turkey, 2 would result in an egg, 3 woudl result with a goat – you get the idea. But that’s not important, if it can do stars that would be enough.

    Perhaps the inclusion below the comment field with another text box with smaller text which would be a 1-2 sentence summary of the final thought.

    Still looking for a competent and generic review plugin though, one that allow sthe inclusion of details such as author/artist/publisher/manufacturer etc – but I guess that could be part of a bigger plugin?

    Try this site:

    It seems quite good for writing reviews.

    I found this rating plug-in which apparently allows graphical stars. I haven’t tested it yet, but you might want to check it out. Plugin

    Structured blogging is an excellent plug-in for this – one of the plug-ins on my own personal “must-have” list; someone put the link up in an earlier post …

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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