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Is there a portfolio option?

  • Hi, I am just about to download the Spun them, I absolutely LOVE it’s look, and I was wondering if there is an option to add a portfolio or is each circle linked to a text post only?

    Also, I use my website for business, is there an option for me to add PayPal buttons to the text pages?

    Apologies if these questions seem obvious, I am html/css/code challenged. ; )

    With gratitude,

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  • One more question…. is there any way to add tiny social media graphic buttons to the main page along the bottom?

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Hi Stacy,

    Prepare to put on your coding cap to make these changes. 🙂

    The circles link to Posts by default, though you can always include images/galleries/videos in your Posts, not just text. There is a way to change the circles to link to Pages instead — someone posted a solution in this thread, though I haven’t tried it myself:

    You can add PayPal buttons to your Pages using PayPal’s instructions — I think they give you an HTML code, c&p it into HTML view.

    And you can probably find a plugin to put social media icons on your site — not sure. A more advanced solution would involve creating a child theme, then copying footer.php from Spun into the child theme and adding HTML to it to display the social icons.

    Good luck!

    Caroline, this is so helpful, thank you for your reply!

    So then do the photos that appear inside the circles change when new posts are published? They are not static images?

    I will try to make some pages using that link, thank you.

    I will research adding social icons, thank you again.

    Now where did I leave that coding cap. ; )


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Hi Stacy,

    The photos within the circles are Featured Images, unless no featured image is set, in which case the theme will try to pull the first image attached to the post. The images will only change when you set a new Featured Image, or when you upload and attach a new image to the post.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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