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  • I’m a little confused. For this website:

    I had a child theme for the Twenty Eleven theme. When I updated the parent theme to 1.2 my child theme was completely removed. Am I making a mistake here or is this actually what is supposed to happen every time and if so, what is the point in creating a child theme?

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  • For your upgraded theme to have removed your child theme, your child theme would have had to have had the same name as the theme itself. True, no point to that. The point of the child theme is that it contains your own customizations of the main theme which do not get destroyed when the main theme is updated. Generally nothing can overwrite or remove your child theme without knowing its name — which only you need to know.

    What I currently have is:


    Just as the instructions here:
    The strange thing to me is that while my themes dashboard shows that my child theme is no longer listed even though I see the files still there in my file manager. After deleting and re-uploading the CSS files, the child theme shows up.

    [insert boggled facial expression]

    Weird caching problem or Child theme problem or am I just insane? (don’t answer that last part)

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    Probably a caching issue or a corrupt file issue.

    Or kobolds.

    (Child themes are great because you don’t lose your customizations – If it’s just CSS this isn’t as bad as if you edit the single.php page to add in a sidebar.


    Do you have child theme css file inside twentyeleven-child theme folder as that is where it should be

    Yes, that’s why I listed it underneath the twentyeleven-child folder.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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