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  • i would love to find a plugin or a program would add an audio option to each of my text posts. so… if someone is too lazy to read it, they could listen to the post, and each of my text posts could be a podcast. i’m guessing this exists already?

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  • I follow pretty closely plugin announcements and updates, and am not familiar with such. For that matter, I’m not familiar with a service that converts text into speech. I’ve read a little about, which allows you to record your voice, then in turn podcast it, but I’ve not used it.

    there is plenty of software that turns text into speech, seems you would just have to integrate it with wordpress and play it through a flash player or something. i’ve seen software that can turn text files into mp3s – but i have never tried it

    I understand there is software that you can run on your desktop machine to convert text to speech, I just haven’t seen any web based services or scripts to do that.

    Check this site:

    I don’t use it so i dont know the details but this is what they say:

    ” Talkr provides a service that allows you to listen to your favorite text-only news sources rather than read them. If you can point us to an RSS feed (a machine-readable version of your favorite blog or news source) we will convert that feed from text to speech.

    Talkr can also provide you with a podcast of your favorite news sources. This means that you can plug your MP3 player into your home computer once a day and Talkr will provide you with hours of audio content with no additional work on your part. Talkr will keep tabs on your feeds and send audio to your computer as those audio files become available.”

    n/m project seems dead

    I’ve posted a talkr plugin at It’s still a little crude, but I hope to clean up later versions so the PHP file itself doesn’t require an edit when installing.

    Version 1.0 of my talkr plugin is now available.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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