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  • Hello, I just used wordpress to create a resume website and would like to know if there is a plugin that will allow me to see what city, state, etc each visiting ip comes from. Didn’t know if there was a plugin available for this or not.


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  • I don’t think any of it will do you any real good.
    One of my ISP’s ping back to Plano, TX – close but not it. My other ISP pings back yo Denver, CO.
    I’m from Fort Worth, TX.

    I’m in ohio and applying for jobs in Indiana. Any information would be helpful to my incquring brain. Either way, I’m not exactly sure that any of those plugins will do quite exactly what I want.




    blogflux has a VERY good free geo-ip thingermajigger set up.

    Its just a matter of adding some code to your footer or header and youre done.

    There is a plugin that attempts to do that, poorly, if I do say so myself. You really do need to pay for the large maxmind db and do it the right way, or use an outside service, like blogflux, that has already invested and is using it.

    This is not what you asked for, but it still may help you a bit. ClustrMaps (formally Hitmaps) is not a WordPress plugin, but you can add it to your site to help detect hits by IP address and location. It is about as precise as you can get.

    thanks for all the help! whooami, what is this plugin to which you are referring?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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