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  • Hi WP gurus,

    What I’m looking to do is regulate who has access to post comments by groups. The blog I’m setting up has four levels of user permissions: Authors, Commenters, and Readers. Authors can make new posts as well as comment on existing posts. Commenters can leave comments in any post without moderation. Readers can submit comments but they always go to moderation. Banned folks can’t submit comments at all.

    The idea is that if a Reader submits enough worthwhile comments, I can bump him up to Commenter and no longer have to moderate his posts. If his comment quality trails off, I can kick him back down to Reader or even Banned.

    Is anyone aware of any plugin or combination of plugins that would allow me to do this?

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  • Did you try the Role Manager plugin?
    (search around for an updated version of it)

    You know, I saw that, but I was absolutely unable to find any documentation on what it actually DID. I’ll pop it in and look.

    I’ve just installed Role Manager, and while it’s pretty comprehensive just about the one thing it DOESN’T allow is the ability to regulate who can leave comments, and whether or not it goes to moderation.

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