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  • Looking for an Ajax sidebar plugin, similar to this one in the fauxzen theme. Would like to customize, using pre-existing div headers.

    thanks much. =)

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  • Did you check out the link on that site? Maybe you can get some ideas there just in case you don’t find a plugin.

    I’ve downloaded his theme and probed into the js and css coding. However, was hopeful someone had already packaged this into a plugin, as the implementation doesn’t appear to be as straightforward as one may hope.

    That effect is done with moo.fx which uses the Prototype package.

    Full documentation is included with it.

    moo.fx is like a really light

    I addressed this on a comment on my site. As Viper007Bond stated it uses Moo.fx. To use it on another theme you just need to include the 4 java files that are found in the Header of the NewZen theme, and then copy the sidebar.php as you see fit. I don’t plan on making this a plugin as I think it would be a royal pain to get it working correctly and with my limited PHP skill set I am no up for the task. Hope that helps though.

    Check this post or this one on my site.
    Hope it helps

    Viper007Bond and sdenike –

    The blog is built on Kashou’s Tonus theme which incorporates ajax in-line commenting, and lightbox imaging. It appears I have the necessary files already in place.

    Thank you very much for all the insight, guidance, and link to the documentation. Gonna go absorb and play around with the code. I’ll let you know the outcome. (which, so far, has been mental masturbation – not feeling any better at the end than when I started)


    Well, so far, not successful. I’m missing something somewhere. Within the testblog, can get it to work (using the header images contained in the live blog), and collapse the sidebar menus. However, cannot get this to integrate into the live blog (for the moment, reverted back to the previous version sans ajax sidebar).

    All 4 js files are already in place in the appropriate theme folder. Here’s the js code for the accordion action (from the NewZen header.php file)
    <script type="text/javascript">
    //the main function, call to the effect object
    function init(){

    var stretchers = document.getElementsByClassName('stretcher'); //div that stretches
    var toggles = document.getElementsByClassName('display'); //h3s where I click on

    //accordion effect
    var myAccordion = new fx.Accordion(
    toggles, stretchers, {opacity: true, duration: 400}

    And here’s the php script (using only the navigation section, other sections use this same script, substituting the appropriate header/content info):

    <!-- navigation menu -->
    <h3 class="display" title="sites"><a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/sites.png" border="0" alt="sites" /></a></h3>
    <div style="overflow: hidden; opacity: 0; visibility: hidden; height: 0px;" class="stretcher">
    <div align="left">
    <?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&title_li='); ?></div>


    Have also tried using the instructions/sample as provided over at moo. That, too, proved unsuccessful.

    Could there be a conflict with the other ajax components that I’m using through Tonus?

    dkaye315, I can almost say 100% that its conflicting with the other js. That is the problem that I ran into when I was desiging NewZen. Also some plugins can conflict with the moo.fx scripts from waht I have found. I dont know Javascript well enough to combine or change the scripts 🙁 So best of luck

    Thanks Shelby for following up. I spent about 6 hours trying to figure it out, and conceded defeat. Reckon I’ll put it on hold for the time being.

    I couldn’t get this to work when using the newzen theme, let alone placing it in one of my own. Does anybody know where I can get some code, read a tutorial on an according style sidebar with nested lists?

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