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  • Is there a plugin to limit search for certain pages/subpages?

    I have a site I built for a customer, and this site holds, among the regular articles posts and some pages, a lot of static pages with a specific template that show data of companies they work with. All of these data is inserted into custom fields and displayed through that companies page template I’ve made.

    These companies pages are divided to some sections, using parent / child / grandchild pages.

    Now, the client wants to have, except for the regular site search that is in the top navbar, another search box that will appear in the side bar, that will search only for companies, which means – limiting search to a page and all of its children/grandchildren using aldo custom fields indexing, since there all the data is being hold.

    Is there any search plugin that can do that? Limiting for certain page tree and also indexing custom fields?


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  • Thanks David.

    I think I’ve tried this plugin couple of weeks ago and it didn’t work as expected with custom fields.
    I see now that there’s a new bug fixed version from this week, so I’ll re-check it and see..

    I see in the plugin’s description that it can exclude specific categories and posts, but can it include only specific page tree?

    And another question, can I have 2 search methods?

    One should be put in the top navbar and will search for all of the posts and categories and pages, including custom fields,
    and another search should be put in the sidebar, that will have the limitations needed as I’ve mentioned above.

    Try Relevanssi

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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