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  • Customer’s site has a very long page copied in from an old static site. The page saves fine. In Edit Page, the content looks fine. But when viewing the page normally, there is no content. The page title appears but no page content.

    I guessed that there was some bad open/close tags, so tried cutting the page in half to see if the problem was in that portion. The first half worked fine; the page displayed correctly. The second half worked fine also. For now, I just have that content on two pages with cross links.

    So now I’m guessing that there is a limit on the size of pages or posts. I tried searching the wiki docs but couldn’t find anything definitive.

    Anybody know whether there is a limit and what it is?


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  • Are you sure that you have removed ALL of the old HTML tags?

    I didn’t remove all of the old HTML tags. I just split the page into two pages and both of those work. When I combine the two pages into one, I get page title but no content. What’s behind your question? Do you think that the “unbalanced tag” hypothesis might still be viable? Or is there another possible cause of the problem?

    this sounds like an odd problem I encountered.

    go to formatting.php and comment out line 174 with //

    $pee = preg_replace('/<p>s*?(' . get_shortcode_regex() . ')s*< /p>/s', '$1', $pee);
    // don't auto-p wrap shortcodes that stand alone

    It could cause some problems if you didn’t format the text. It’s a good idea to paste it to a .txt document first, and then copy it from that. This way you are sure to remove ALL formatting.

    Why don’t u consult a technician. He can help u with this.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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