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    I have 13 draft posts. If I create a 14th it is not saved. If I delete a draft post I can save a new one. It ‘feels’ like I can only have 13 drafts.

    I want the ability to have unlimited draft posts.

    Even better I’d like to be able to set an automatic publish time. I use building a collection of drafts so that I can easily maintain a publishing schedule when I am travelling and may not have access to the internet at ‘normal’ times

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  • I have had more than 50 at a time. However, I don’t know if there’s a specific limit.

    I’ve noticed that on the “manage posts” screen you get to see all your drafts, but on the “write post” screen it only shows a limited number (with a ## more link).

    For automatic publish times, youre drafts are not really drafts anymore. You can future date the post date/time and wordpress will automatically post it for you.

    I will try some more drafts to see if this reproduces as a bug (maybe my computer did something wacky and lost the draft post).
    Thankyou for the hint on ‘future dating’ the posts, I did not realise this was possible. I will try adjusting the ‘timestamp’ and see if that publishes it at the future time. That’s a wonderful feature!


    I can’t tell what version of WP you’re on, but if it’s 1.5 and higher, I’ve used future dating pretty successfully. I actually currently have over 30 future posts ranging out into June. (I write my site a month or 2 in advance).

    Sorry I couldn’t help more on the drafts not saving. Might have been a server issue.

    Nice blog…

    Thanks 🙂
    I’m using version 2.02
    posts not saving doesn’t reproduce (must be a freak of my computer input device)

    I haven’t found out how to Auto-post.
    I tried changing the time-stamp on an individual draft, Then selecting Save. It didnt autopost.

    Not only must you change the time, but you must also check the box “Edit Timestamp” to actually set a new time for post (like future dating, for example). If that box ain’t checked, you’re not accomplishing anything! 🙂

    Oh thanks – it seems so obvious when you know. The word ‘Edit’ didnt convey automatic posting to me – should have tried it anyway, you guys are all so patient. Thankyou 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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