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  • Resolved Suzanne Ahjira


    Hey Mikko — props for creating this plugin and supporting it like you do. It solved a big problem for me and that’s what I’m writing about today. I use it so that my custom fields are searchable. I run a genealogy site where city names used to be in German versus the language they are today so I add german_name as a custom field for most of my CPT’s ( region, municipality, city, parish, etc ).

    My problem is that, Relevanssi finds these amazingly well for the first 5 CPT’s but it isn’t including the last 3… as if there’s a hard limit on the number of CPT’s it will include. I suspected this because even when I discovered my 6th CPT wasn’t finding the german_name field, the first 5 were still working.

    I used your testing filters then in my functions.php file and discovered that Relevanssi was indeed only searching the first 5 of my 8 CPT’s.

    Is this a hard limit or is this something that can be changed with a filter?

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  • Never mind I solved this… oy… Jetpack. I have Jetpack’s custom search enabled which doesn’t include CPT’s by default. You have to enable the CPT in the widget (!!!) But in case someone else runs into this, there you go.

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