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  • Is there a hack with documentation on how to insert a ‘profanity filter’ into WordPress? to where
    (1): One can add words to the filter as needed
    (2): That the profanity is replaced by something like “[[profanity filter in use]]”

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  • Then I could filter out viagra, diamonds, and all those other popular products of comment spammers without worrying about blocking valid IPs. 🙂
    Maybe give admin the option of rejecting message or replacing term with *****.

    I noticed that phpBB forums software has it. The software phpBB has a table called ‘phpbb_words’ that the Administrator panel can add/delete/modify via the
    Admin Panel –> General Admin –> Word Censors:
    section. You can add the word to be filtered and also add the phraze to replace the filtered word in the GUI Admin Interface within phpBB. Maybe someone

    I was just thinking about a hack that I saw recently that converted your page to Pirate Speak, Jive Talk, German Accent etc., and I’m wondering if that kind of “workaround” could be used to “filter” the profanity? One could also be quite creative and change things like “shit” into “poo” in a sense to try and “embarass” the potty mouth who wrote it. If you substitute a bunch of nonsense words, and don’t tell anyone that you employ filters, you could make them make themselves look like idiots! Does that make sense? Either that, just substitute every curse with #$*@ and leave it like that. People will soon get bored of seeing that instead of their swearing. There won’t be anything to shock people with.

    “embarass” the potty mouth who wrote it
    well if its a spam. how will that guy be insulted. dont think most of the spammers ever visit again anyways other than to spam again. or i might be wrong 🙁




    I don’t think it isn’t so much a spamming issue as it is that some people have the mouth of a sailor… I know sometimed when I go on a tirade I can let the filth fly… So, I don’t think ti would be the spammers that would be “embarassed” but rather the potty-mouthed writer….

    I suppose that any doofus that would swear his/her face off in comments just because they are cloaked in anonimity wouldn’t be embarassed much. However, I tend to think that spammers and trolls and mouthpieces like this want to see their words “in action” so to speak, and will come back just to get a sick laugh out of the bee’s nest they stirred up. It’s like the concept of people driving by a car accident–they just HAVE to look.
    If the person goes back and sees their post converted to gibberish or nonsense, then you have taken all of their fun away. That was really my point, I guess! 🙂

    hmm… perhaps someone can generate a custom message. that replaces the content of the spams like google generic adsense ads. 🙂
    I like ur blog too much, mine sux.

    As a temporary solution for the question this topic started with: You could (mis-)use the smiley array, and add bad words and their replacement to that array. When you turn on Smiley support in posts, those words will get replaced as well.




    otaku, that’s kinda funny. I was thinking about that earlier today…. repalce enough words, and you could end up with a picture book style post!

    Interesting otaku42. I might start playing with that for spam beatings. 🙂

    Hey, I just made a small and simple word replacement thing for profane words.
    Its really simple it makes use of 2 variables – badwords and goodwords…
    simply put a word in the badwords list and add a goodword to replace it with….
    go to:
    enjoy… let me know what I should add and I’ll make it!

    I think its awesome. The only thing I would add is some sort of administrative interface. So words can be added through wp-admin. Otherwise, its on my blog and working great!

    You can’t have an admin interface for everything…just use a simple text editor and you’re off and running. Why make things more complicated than necessary?

    Installed and working great.
    Thank you.

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