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  • I am about to start a website for a ‘picker’. If you have seen the show American Pickers, that is what this guy does.

    He only has a few requirements for his site which are pretty basic.

    1. He wants a few different contact forms which will be easy. 1 is a general contact form and another is for people who are looking for a specific item and want him to find it.

    2. A blog. The blog won’t be the main part of the site though but he does want a blog to write about the adventures he has crawling through basements etc to find the things he finds.

    3. He wants to showcase his pickings aka products. I was thinking I could use WordPress’ built in function for posting news where he could write up a description and then use their built in galleries where he can display pictures of each product.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for pluggins though or any suggestions going on those requirements?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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