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  • Has anyone adapted the Kubrick theme to full-width (ie, the full width of a browser’s window)? If not, what do I change to do this? Thanks.


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  • No.

    If you want screen wide theme – forget K.

    You can try, but if you are a beginner – better don’t try. Pick another theme.

    OK. Which fixed-width theme would be best suited (ie not requiring a huge time — I’m a content person, not designer) for adapting to full-width?


    If you want screen wide… I wouldn’t go by “fixed”: if you define it at 1200px and I have only 800 – I’ll have horizontal scrollbar which is known to be “the best” way to chase away visitors 🙂

    I’d go with a flexible layout. – Try to find one, it is difficult to recommend anything without knowing your needs, content etc.

    My needs: it is a blog designed to impart news — that is, not a site for personal musings. The design must relay a serious tone, using text and color combinations that are conducive to reading. I like the “sapphire” theme, but don’t know how to convert it to a flexible style.

    I’ll check out the themes site.

    Try the Spirit theme located here:
    You can modify the colors to suit you but it is a flexible theme.

    I have adapted it for use at my site

    BigDog: Spirit is nice, but its not the edge-to-edge flexible theme I’m looking for.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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