Is there a fix for return to 2.3.3? (3 posts)

  1. jinge
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I feel 2.5 wasn’t ready for launch. I’m sorry to say I was too fast to update, I can’t blame anyone but myself. I understand many bloggers have their doubt about this version, so maybe it is time to fix a rewind to 2.3.3 ??

    Code isn’t always poetry...

  2. You can revert if you like. Just restore your database backup and put 2.3.3 back on there.

    WordPress will not be going back. 2.5.1 is scheduled for next month, and 2.6 is in the works.

  3. chrisdoth
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'd have to agree. Luckily I do have a back up - it seem the only way I can edit the Text Widgets in the sidebar as they don't fit in the new layout.

    I'm not sure at this point if returning to 2.3.3 would be going back...

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