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  • I’m looking to see if there is a plugin that could list members in alphabetical order by state. I know I can list members, but there isn’t enough info on each member, if there isn’t a plugin, does anyone know of a tutorial for writing a plugin that uses a custom table. I’ve seen some information on how to create the table but not the best way to interact with it.


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  • Just to clarify.

    Do you want to list ALL members and order alphabetically within each state or do you want to list only members from a selected state alphabetically?

    cimy is great and perfect, but you´ll run into one problem: at the moment you can´t (as far as i know) list users per role. you´ll have to give ‘profiler’-plugin a try too. cimy for fields and registration and profiler to list the members. role-manager-plugin is not yet supported.

    By State, and then by last name. I can do it in PHP/MySQL pretty easily I’m just not experienced in the wordpress way of doing things efficiently. I will definitely check out the plugins thanks!

    any other plugin that does the trick ?

    I’m searching something like that too.

    I tried to post a summary here, because i think a lot of peapole could be interested in my project :

    Up ?

    This is kind of what im looking for,
    It would be great to have the following features

    • You can list the users in a post/page by using the [listusers: Subscriber] type syntax… where Subscriber is the role?
    • If that is not posable you have a settings panel at which you can choose a permalink and what role / tickbox’s of all the users you wish to display

    This would be FANTASTIC if anyone knows anything close to this?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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