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  • What do I need to do so that when my students complete a course they are redirected to a page that informs them they have completed the course. Currently, when I pass my final quiz in my final section for the course, I am brought back to the page where a can click “Take Quiz” for that same quiz. All triggers for the certificate and emails send out and the dashboard shows the course is complete, however it is really confusing that there is no completion/exit page – just this final quiz loop.

    Is this an error on my part where I am missing something small? Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy



    This is not a bug this is expected behavior in LifterLMS. I feel like an idiot saying that but that is the truth and perhaps other users have shared your confusion here but you are the first person to ever bring it to my attention.

    Needless to say we’ll make sure we improve this user experience in a future release.

    Unfortunately I don’t think I can give you a workaround to this. I took a brief look into what we need to do and I need to rewrite a lot of backend logic.

    I will confess that our student experience lacks a bit. This is the number one major improvement on our internal roadmap. We have lots of improvements around making the student experience more interactive, including but not limited to app-like notifications for badges and certificates, I’ll include completion of a course or track to that existing list.

    I guess I can ask for some patience from you as a user as I can’t solve this today.

    Thanks and take care,

    Hi Thomasplevy,

    I am quite surprised that I wasn’t able to find this issue anywhere among my searches. I’m glad that I didn’t mess anything up.

    Is there anything I can do to create a trigger for the last button so that it redirects a user while also submitting? Anything hacky is fine, I just want someone to know they have completed their course.


    Not sure exactly what you are looking for, however I do believe that if you have the ability to add an additional “lesson” page to your site after the quiz, it is possible to add a very small function that looks for a tag on that page and redirects immediately to another page on the site.

    since lifter naturally moves to the next lesson in a course, putting this page at the end would enable the desired behavior.

    @sdwarwick Would that provide the perception that a course was not completed?

    Lifterlms has an extensive “prerequisite” system so that you can set up a final lesson that acknowledges completion of the prior lessons. Are you using that?

    Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy



    I’m sorry but we do not have a workaround to allow for “hacking” at this functionality.

    Does the recommendation proposed by sdwarwick not work for you? Seems like it could work

    I will be trying that now. It sounds like it would be sufficient. LifterLMS should put that into an FAQ as a ‘functionality’

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