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    I’m very interested in using this and buying the pro bundle.. BUT here is my concern. I work for a digital printing company and we print signs. Our clients will get proofs for say, 30 signs for a facility or store. Most of our clients get 10-50 proofs. I realize I need to set up 30 different proofs, thats how our system works now, but do I need to have them manually login to 30 different proof pages? or is there a way to set up a client account, where they can login once and get a list of proofs that are assigned to them so they can view and approve them one by one, verses clicking 30 different links in 30 different emails? I don’t see a way to do this or even see a client history so a client can login and keep track of past and current proofs. Is this a ones’y twos’y kind of system? or is there a way to handle proofing accounts?

    so lets say.. client 1 logs into the site.
    Their backend would look like this from the login page.. is this possible?

    My Proofs <———-

    When they click the My Proofs..
    they would get a list of proofs assigned to them like this and a view of whats been approved and what is still pending?

    —————–____________[ click to view or approve ]
    My Proofs ——>_____________Proof 1 URL (approved)
    —————– ___________Proof 2 URL (approved)
    _______________________________Proof 3 URL (pending)(edit)
    _______________________________Proof 4 URL (approved)
    _______________________________Proof 5 URL (pending)(edit)


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    Sorry about that formatting on the last post.. I had to do underscores to get it to work.. but for the example.. pretend the underscores don’t exist… wordpress ignored the extra spaces…

    This questions is (not about the commercial product..) but the overall functionality the Free and Pro bundle.. So I think it still applies here..

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    Just an FYI for any other potential Design Approval System users looking for the answer to this.

    Yes, this is how the plugin works. When you set up a client with the role DAS-Client and they login the will only be able to see their projects on the project board. They can then click and approve each one or submit changes.

    Each design that is approved will be even show you a star next to the approved ones when you look at the client’s projects on the Admin’s Project Board.

    BTW – This does have to do with the Free version of D.A.S. 🙂

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