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    I trashed the post central heating services but then created another one of the same name.

    I have tried going in and editing the permalink by removing the number 2 but once the page is published it reverts back to the 2 again.

    A wootheme ninja in the support forum suggest there is a bug with the trash function. Who do I report it to or what can I do??

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  • I suppose that when a post is in the thrash, it is still in the database. Try clearing trash before creating a new post or changing the permalink.

    Thanks Gangleri

    But how do you clear trash in wordpress 2.9.1 ?



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    Go to the edit posts view, then click the link for “trash” then click the Empty Trash button

    Hi Mr Mist

    Thanks for help.
    I deleted the page central-heating-services2 and then emptied it from the trash permanently.

    I then created the page central heating services again BUT I still have a permalink thats central-heating-services2.

    Any other suggestion?



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    It suggests that you have a page or post that is using the address, as otherwise WordPress would re-use it. (I know it does re-use it as I just tested trash+delete in 2.9.1)

    Check all your posts and pages.

    I have checked and double checked my pages and posts.
    There are 6 pages (which you can see on the website) and 0 posts.

    There is no reference anywhere to central-heating-services only central-heating-services2

    Just a thought, WP makes post revisions since 2.6, maybe the definate version of the post is now flushed, but not the revisions. See:

    Otherwise it must be some kind of cache or maybe existing permalinks are stored separate from the post itself. I don’t really know.

    Hi Gangleri

    Tried the delete revision tool and it works (although it hadn’t been tested with 2.9.1 yet).

    Alas, it hasn’t solved the problem. The number 2 is still there on the page permalink.

    Guess I’m stuck with it now. .

    Would it make any difference if I deleted everything from the server and started again?

    I haven’t done that much to the site so it wouldn’t take long to get back to where I was. Just don’t want to do that if it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference?

    Thanks everyone for your help

    When the revisions are gone, can you change the permalink or still not?
    It sounds a bit like overkill to delete the whole thing. If WP thinks the permalink is already in use, it has to be somewhere, but where?!?

    When I edit the permalink it does change. However, when I publish the page it reverts back to the link with the number.

    I did the above only after deleting all revisions as you suggested.

    I’m afraid I’m out of options, but I’m convinced that WP stores permalinks somewhere separate from the post itself…

    Thanks anyway

    I’ve got this problem as well. I’ve tried the suggestions above, as well as the WPSuperCache plugin. An example: my about page URL is /about-4. I edit the page (via Dashboard), click on edit permalink, and remove the “-4”. Which seems to work, until I update the page–then it reverts back to the -4 URL. I’m running WP 2.9.2.

    I’d love to find a solution for this.

    Did you ever find a solution? I am having the same problem. Thanks.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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