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  • I’ve been exploring pages, especially the Codex, and I must confess, I’m overwhelmed. I’m pleased WP is such a powerful program, with so many options, but it seems like there are multiple pages on some topics that cover the same stuff. Sometimes I’m not sure where to start. And I admit, I feel exasperated when I click on a link, only to find several more links, and sometimes more links when I click on one of those. One of the things I hope to learn is to do themes.

    Is there a book, perhaps? I find physical books much easier to get through than virtual pages. 🙂 I tend to retain my senses–what little I have–when I follow a linear fashion. Thank you.

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    There was an attempt by a 3rd party to write a book, but I don’t think the plans were ever fulfilled. You are, however, more than welcome to print the Codex. I highly recommend starting with First Steps With WordPress, it is very well written.

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    There can’t be a book, at least not for a very long time.

    WP code changes too rapidly, people find new ways to do things, new plugins are created so even if you did pay for a book, you would come back here and to Codex just as much – if not more as a book would rapidly becomed outdated.

    I don’t know why you are asking specifically, but if you have a very precise issue, a question here should get you the answer.
    If you need any clarification, again here of the irc channel #wordpress (on will get you that.

    I have the definitive guide for CSS book but even so I still use online forums and FAQ’s because although the book has all the answers, it can be a daunting thing to read and always takes me off in other directions.

    I always consult with this forum from time to time and also refer to Codex sometime.

    I don’t have the time online to read all the things I’d like to (let alone offline), but a book would be handy, and let me learn what I can, then update using online resources, which is what I did with HTML. I don’t have my own computer; I use my boyfriend’s, and usually only get a few hours a day. I can’t print anything out; his printer went kaput long ago, and he hasn’t been able to afford to replace it.

    There’s already a bunch of things I’d like to do during my online time, that I can’t do. I did read through many of the Codex pages, though. Right now, I’m feeling overwhelmed by creating themes, which is what I’m interested in doing. There’s so many options, and I know a lot of people like customizing every little nuance, but I find it tedious to customize things like fonts and how far apart each character is. I know I can choose not to do that, but there’s still a lot of stuff to deal with. All the template tags and their parameters are my biggest hurdle. I just want to create a look (images and colors), and have the rest already taken care of.

    Thanks, though.

    Your best bet in that case is probably to find an existing theme that you like and then just modify it to suit you. A lot easier than creating one yourself.

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