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  • I’m in the beginning stages of completely over hauling my bible study resource site. I would like some input before going any further with it.

    Topical Cordance will have a long list of words that will be linked.

    Is there a better way I can handle this page without the page getting too long?

    Is the design and color scheme good?

    Do the clickable tool tip on the articles page work? I used the tipsy plug in for this. I know it works in Firefox.

    Is the welcome page easily scannable? I’m planning on linking all the titles later on as things get more developed.

    Welcome will be the new home page. Home page takes you to my old layout that is up and running until I get things switched over. I don’t know if you want to dare venture into that layout scheme. Extremely old style.

    Anything else, let me know. Like, dislike, etc.

    Thanks, and happy new year.

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