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  • I looked at your READ THIS FIRST post and found the two mailing lists offered, but these have a large amount of posts per month. I have also looked at all the mailing lists at and cannot find a list that would just tell me when WP updates. I arrived at 2.05, then I found the current issue was 2.07, I log in today and BAM! we are on 2.1

    I am subscribed to the announcements list named in my profile that says I would get a few messages a year, but I have never received version update information, in fact nothing at all. Is this list not working, not posted to or is my anti-spam methods too high?

    Many thanks

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  • That announcement list doesn’t ever seem to work. Don’t know why. You can also check your blog’s Dashboard as that typically presents the announcement of new versions.

    Thank you Michael for the reply. Yes I should really look at the Dashboard, but I tend to log direct to the blog, as I found this generally quicker when updating my ciontent so regularly. Perhaps the powers that be could look into this issue as it is an obvious need I would think.

    Thanks again

    interestingly I found another bug on this site, the profile page, one day after your post stated that there had been no replies in this thread, yet obviously there had been.

    Aha! I just looked at my dashboard and it did not say anything about 2.1 so we need a PR team maybe?

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    I see it on every blog I own, and I have a lot of blogs on many hosts.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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