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    Hello again.

    Is the pixel width of images added to the media library restricted to 1800px?

    This feels a bit cheeky as you have already added Page Builder support and allowed us to add an SEO image names, but I’m wondering if it could be nudged up to 1920px (the highest of Stencil’s default sizes) to avoid confusion … some who design for hi-res screens may even like 2560px.

    BTW – I love that when you leave spaces when naming an image file it adds dashes – brilliant!

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    Fair point @waumsley I’ll upgrade it to 1920 later today.
    The reason there’s a limit in the first place is because without it, there’s a very high chance that many WordPress powered sites run into filesize restrictions.

    Some of the photos we provide are upwards of 5000x5000px, which we can’t compress enough to make both visually appealing and work with most WordPress installs. So we need to cap it somewhere.

    But I’ll make it 1920, since that seems reasonable.
    Hope that helps!

    That’s perfect. Thank you.

    I thought there would be some logic behind it. I know a few others with clients who auto crop uploads at 1920px just to stop client’s loading humongous images and slowing page loads.

    Just getting ready to do a YouTube video and blog post on this tomorrow.

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    Okay great. Reach out if anything else comes up 🙂

    Me again.

    Something I noticed was that if I set a custom crop in Stencil to (for example) 300px X 200px what is uploaded to my media library is 600px x 400px. Is there a reason for this?

    BTW I did do a video

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    Hi @waumsley
    So.. that one’s a bit funny, and I totally understand why it may be confusing. By default, when you save an image, we save one that’s twice as large so that if you want to consider retina/high-density monitors, we already have the image ready for you.

    When we were working on the WordPress Plugin, we began to ask whether we should export the exact dimensions, or when possible, one that’s twice as big.

    The thinking was that if we export the twice as big one, it’ll simply be better quality and ensure that people on new mobile devices or computer monitor displays will see a better quality image.

    Does that make sense?

    Thank you. That makes perfect sense and I thought that could be the reason.

    The problem is if you have already thought about that Stencil just appears to not be doing what was requested. There’s no warning.

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    Yep agreed. Will try and think about another approach or solution. I totally understand that the behaviour could be seen as strange.

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