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    I’m trying to use WooSidebars with Dokan to create vendor store specific sidebars.

    They don’t natively support Vendor pages, but do allow you to register a post type to add the functionality.

    Are Dokan vendor pages post types that I can register to allow me to target specific stores?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hello @aaronbennett2097,

    I am so sorry to say that the WooSidebar is not officially integrated with Dokan so to make it work with Dokan you will need proper integration.

    Dokan single store page is a template file coming from Dokan with custom rewrite rules.

    Let me know if you need more information I can help you with 🙂

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    Ah that’s a shame, I was hoping it was a post type that I could target – as we have many vendors, this would have been the easiest way to quickly add new vendors and create dynamic sidebars for them.

    I can’t think of another quick way to create vendors and their respective sidebar without the need to constantly code in new dynamic sidebars, but if you have any suggestions it’d be hugely appreciated.

    Hello @aaronbennett2097 ,

    Dokan vendors are WordPress users with a “seller” capability. You can target each store by their user ID (the vendor user & the store has the same ID).

    You can see how the store user object is accessed here dokan-lite/templates/store.php: https://prnt.sc/13a72gq

    You need to get the store ID from the object & use your code to show different sidebar for each of them dynamicall. Please consult with an expert to do the custom development.

    Thank you 🙂

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    Hi @aaronbennett2097,

    Since we haven’t got any further reply from you, so I mark this topic as resolved. If you’ve any further queries, feel free to create a new thread.

    Thank you

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