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    I had previously entered all the SEO info for all my products and with Yoast activated, I no longer see that information. Can you please tell me if Yoast overrides this or is it hidden. If hidden, will it reappear so I can download if I deactivate Yoast? Since I have been adding SEO in now manually, which will take a lifetime, if I deactivate Yoast will all this new information disappear or be lost?
    If I can get the old information back, then is it possible to upload it quickly into Yoast with an importer and then optimize with Yoast’s suggestions?

    I like Yoast. I just wish I had installed it initially rather than later. I hope it is helping my SEO rather than hindering because maybe the previous information is no longer searchable?

    This is a nice plugin for a non-programmer but still requires a lot of website knowledge, which I wish there was more time to learn.
    Thank you.

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  • Depends on how you entered the original information.
    In general, you can presume that it is hidden.
    WP SEO does not override information, but adds it’s own fields. If you deactivate WP SEO, no information is lost. If you uninstall WP SEO, your settings will be lost, but the meta data your entered for each page/post will still be there.

    If you entered the original data with another SEO plugin, have a look at the WP SEO => Import & Export settings page.

    Thank you so much for getting back and your reply helps reassure us that not all was lost. Actually, we partially solved by deactivating (not deleting) Yoast. Exporting all the original product SEO information. Reactivating Yoast and uploading with an SEO transporter plugin. This helped to reinsert the info to at least help with searchability, however, info still has to be refined within each product Yoast SEO. Yoast is good at evaluating and offering suggestions for this to help improve the SEO that was already there.

    Appreciate your help and really do like this plugin, so glad we can use it.

    Glad to be of help & to hear you found a way to access the original info and make it usable with WP SEO.

    May I ask how you did enter the original info ? Did you use a plugin or custom fields ?

    Oh… and could you mark this topic as resolved please ?

    I entered all that SEO for over 100 products manually! (That’s why I didn’t want to have to do it again.) But with this count and 6,000 variations, we ended up using a CSV Importer Suite plugin to export and upload any edits originally. The SEO transporter became helpful to reupload that original info for each product so it would appear in Yoast. It didn’t work for all but for most that I can see. It still has to be “reactivated” when inputting the Focus word and other info Yoast suggests. When the SEO “green light” or other button becomes visible so does the SEO info.



    Hi, I’m having the opposite problem. I began using your SEO Plugin, entered a Meta Description before reading fully and now want it out. I cannot get it out. It’s been 3 days of trial and error. Today I finally:

    — deactivated and reactivated the plugin. The meta descriptions are still there.

    — then totally uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it. The meta descriptions are still there.

    How can I get rid of it?

    I also cannot seem to use the advanced tab to select Follow for meta robots and None for the meta robots advanced.

    Appreciate any help. Deb

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