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    “This plugin was closed”? for what reason? is it not safe to use?

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  • Yeah, what’s up?

    YARPP plugin has not been maintained for ages. I switched over to Shareaholic plugin for Related Posts after testing all of them and very highly recommend it.

    Any update from the dev ?
    200.000 downloads, i don’t think it’s the end.

    I forked the plugin –

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    This is very nice mihdan, thank you. but have you updated or changed anything from the original? is it safe to use? It’s all in russian so i can’t really undarstand what’s going on there, sorry…


    This is a fork that we plan to update in the future

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    I see. do you plan to upload it to wp plugin repository? I’ll tell you why, as long as this is not an official and updated plugin, security plugins like wordfence mark it as a threat and makes it uncomfortable to use. please consider.

    > I see. do you plan to upload it to wp plugin repository

    Ah yeah, PLEASE, if you can, continue this plugin officially! That would be GREAT!

    To me, shareaholic is no alternative, because those guys are saving my data on their server… 🙁

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    @ar7 Think of it as Google. They need to index your content in order to return search results. Similarly with Shareaholic, we need to know which pages exist, in order to surface them. By offloading “related posts” processing, the upside is that your website will faster. Site Speed is crucial today to get more traffic and engagement.

    Computing Related Posts locally is very hard on your MySQL DB, which is why most WordPress hosting companies have the plugins that do the processing locally banned.

    @mihdan Just a minor note. Managing your work in any language that is not english (commits, issues etc) is a prefect way to alienate people and prevent them from both using and contributing to the project. E.g. while I do speak russian (+ use the plugin and am capable of helping with improvements) I’ll never bother doing anything for a project that is non-english.

    Ihor Vorotnov, ok

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    oups, sorry @mihdan I wasn’t aware you had already forked. I just created a fork a few weeks ago too:
    So far, I’ve mostly been trying to get it ready for re-submitting to the plugin repo by removing plugin repository violations (mostly yarpp pro) and references to (it doesn’t exist anymore, and I don’t have access to it).

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    @mnelson4, as far as i concern @mihdan only forked it but did not try so far to submit it back to wp repository, nor to develop new updates. So if you wish to do so, especially keeping the plugin updated, i would be very thankful. and the community too i’m sure.


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