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  1. simeoni
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I'm new here so try to understand :)

    I'm trying to build a service where every person who registers as a blog writer gets automatically also a subdomain. Ex. you register with username lovetoblog and you would get lovetoblog.site.com address. Every site for writers are identical except for the title and of course the blog text. They are not allowed to modify the page.

    I was trying with multisite but you had to manually open the page and also it selects automatically english as the language, that is something also I don't want.

    please help me

  2. Yes, multisite *is* what you want to start with. That gives you the subdomains.

    you're setting up your own version of wordpress.COM where you are the person who decides the features.

    Yes, you can change the language.

  3. simeoni
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Is there somewhere a guide about changing the configure and functionality? All I found about it was how to set it up and that wasn't much.

  4. Curtiss Grymala
    Posted 5 years ago #

    There are a lot of tutorials and articles about setting up and configuring WordPress Multi Site. Your best bet would probably be to search Google for information about WPMU, which was previously an offshoot of WordPress, but was added into the core of WordPress recently (and became WordPress Multi Site).

  5. Is there somewhere a guide about changing the configure and functionality? All I found about it was how to set it up and that wasn't much.

    You have to be way more specific when searching. Everyone sets up things different ways. you "configure" it by installing plugins with the features you want.


    http://wpmututorials.com/how-to/localization/ for instance, this posts talks about adding different languages.

    This post - http://wpmututorials.com/elsewhere/anatomy-of-a-home-page-wordpresscom/ talking about building a home page like wordpress.com used to have.

    Think about your site and what you want to do. Install WP and enable the network. Play around. Read me blog. Ask specific questions. ;)

    And also the Codex itself does have plenty of pages about multisite and wpmu. Disorganized, yes. Sparse, not really.

  6. simeoni
    Posted 5 years ago #

    ok, This was one of the things I wasn't sure. Every where was said that MU is dead and it's included in wp as multisite. But didn't find anywhere info saying that it's in a way the same. So MU guides should work for multisite.

  7. MU as separate project is dead. The codebase was merged in, which implies it is the same code.

    Not sure why you couldn't find it, as I'm positive I've written exactly that hundreds of times. ;)

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