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    I thought I had done my due diligence, but now I’ve been informed that my “trial” of manageWP will tomorrow.

    I do not need to manage multiple sites. I am using manageWP only because it has proven to be the easy way to set up a reliable backup/restore of my single, small blog. A bit of overkill, yes, but I’ll have to go back and try to track down something else now.

    It does bother me that there seems to be more and more premium ($) plug-in developers creeping into this repository of free plug-ins. I don’t mind upgrades that provide additional features, but that fact that this is a “trial” was not noted, that I’m aware of.

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  • This is the message I received from my inquiry to ManageWP support, which by the way has been exceptional:

    When you trial account expires you will automatically be switched to a Free 5 sites plan that you can use.

    I guess users are just supposed to ignore the message threatening the end of your service and nagging you to upgrade to Premium. I’ll close this ticket when I can confirm that is what happens.

    I am now on the “free” plan, which does not include the primary functionality that I was seeking when I installed ManageWP: automated backup.

    This plugin is purported to be “free software” on this site. It is not. All I have is a single personal blog, but I do want and need reliable backup functionality. ManageWP provided the best (only?) automated backup that worked for me out of the box. I hate to lose it, but they require paying for five sites, minimum, which is overkill.

    Great plugin, but a lot of misrepresentation about the cost.

    This topic is now resolved.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Prelovac


    ManageWP Worker plugin is free. As such it offers a ton of functionality (like updates, maintenance etc total of some 20 functions all udner one roof).

    Couple of things are paid for as these are sophisticated features that require a lot of development and support resources. As you noted yourself ManageWP backup is reliable. Even so you can get the ManageWP backup for only $120 a year. That’s $10 a month. Whether it is a good value to you is another question, I know that.

    I am sorry you perceived the message by our support as a threat (I honestly can not see it that way) but it conveys that after the trial you will be able to use the free features only. Nothing will happen to your account or backup tasks – they will just stop working. You can either continue to use all the free functionality of ManageWP or upgrade to a paid plan (it is a business after all).

    Finally I’d like to acknowledge that perhaps the language used on the site is not clear enough and that the user might have a perception that they are getting all of the ManageWP functionality for free, forever, and we will work on improving this on the next revision of the home page.

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