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    First, before I become a whining brat, I want to acknowledge that the ugrade to 2.0 went perfectly for me. So congrats to everyone involved. In the history of computing this has not always been the norm, so kudos are well-deserved.

    Now…am I to infer that because the new rich text editor is really TinyMCE that there is no opportunity to customize it ala the Quicktags feature of the old? If I were able to have the best of both worlds — the new editor with the ability to create custom quicktags, I’d bear all your future children. 😉 It’s just that there are certain CSS formats I like to sprinkle throughout my posts at will and the quicktags allowed me to insert them painlessly. As usual, I guess I just “want it all”. Thanks!

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    I *think* I remember someone mentioning a plugin for something like this…. I just had a VERY long day, so really haven’t the energy to look tonight, but I will bookmark this and see if I can find the thread tomorrow, okay?

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    You should be able to use Owen’s “buttonsnap class” to do this, just don’t ask me how to use it. You can find a download link and more information here:



    The “buttonsnap class” appears to be a solution for plugin developers to add a button into the editor connected to their plugin. It doesn’t appear to be a “quicktags” type of solution where us mere mortals can make the alteration. 😉 Here’s hoping someone comes up with a quicktags-type of hack. 😉



    Well, I’ve been completely unable to dig up the post I was thinking I remembered. Hopefully someone else will remember it as well and come up with it…. Sorry!



    On a similar note, is it possible to turn off/minimize the upload portion of the Write Post form?




    What do you need your QuickTags to do? If you just want a button to insert, say, your name, the following example plugin should demonstrate how to do that with buttonsnap:
    Plugin Name: Button Example
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Demonstrates how to use buttonsnap
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Scott Merrill
    Author URI:
    // use Owen's excellent ButtonSnap library
    Register our button in the QuickTags bar
    function my_button_init() {
    $url = get_settings('siteurl') . '/wp-content/my_button.png';
    buttonsnap_textbutton($url, 'ME', 'skippy');
    add_action('init', 'my_button_init');

    Create the image “my_button.png”, and store it in your /wp-content/ directory. The $url is the path to your button image. So the call to buttonsnap_textbutton has these parameters:
    * the path to the image to use for the visual editor
    * the text for the button in editor (or the hovertext in the visual editor)
    * the text to insert when the button is clicked

    It should be trivial to extend that example to do all sorts of fun stuff.



    I’m not adept enough to get where, in your example, “My Name” is being entered when the button is selected.

    I usually use quicktags for things like inserting a div around a text block to format it correctly according to a CSS class, or for quick entry of special characters. Am I on the right track with buttonsnap?




    is there any way to enable the quote button in TinyMCE ?

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