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  1. achtmod
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I changed my theme to Tempera last night, as I was testing it out and editing it my host took down the web site due to exceeded CPU usage. Since the hosting's free it should be a bit crappy, although I've been told the CPU limit is pretty much the same with this host under a paid account. I've some plugins installed but they weren't up on the site, does this take a toll on the site? I checked the site's stats and according to it I got like 10,000 hits in under 3 hrs, which I believe it's pretty impossible.

    I don't know if I might've messed up the settings to make the site extremely heavy, or is the theme a bit heavier than average?
    Definitely my constant refreshing made it all worse, but I don't know if I can afford the theme in the long run or should I need to scale down? Or did I manage to break the internet again?

    Pity, I was beginning to love the Tempera theme. It is very pretty indeed

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