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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been using WordPress for a while, but only to build a blog or two. Now, I wish to create a simple but eye-catching website, without columns and with a large place given to pictures.

    I’ve read several threads about how it is possible to create static websites and so on, but I’m still unable to decide whether WordPress will be suitable if I wish to reach a result similar to this :

    What do you think ?

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  • (I forgot to mention that other pages should still display a lot of the background, with only a rather small window for the text. Do you believe it is possible with WordPress?)

    Yes, almost anything is possible with WP…limiting factors are generally your time, effort and knowledge of WP, HTML, CSS and PHP.

    Nice to read that it is actually possible !

    Anybody knowing how I to proceed, keeping in mind the screenshot I provided ?

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    Front-end developer

    What specifically do you need help with?
    Requesting support to build your entire website is too general and is beyond the scope of support provided by forums.

    Perhaps finding a theme that has very basic and minimal structure — so you can start customizing it to what you want. The theme tag filter may help you narrow down possible options here:

    To get to your result is entirely dependent on your theme selection. Search around and find a fullscreen photo portfolio type theme!

    Elegant themes offers some if I recall, as does woo themes. There may even be free ones here on WP…. just take your time to find a good base theme to start with

    Thank you very much ! With your keywords I’ve found some interesting themes indeed.

    Still, in none of them can I find another feature I’d like : my pages displaying the text over the background picture. I guess the CSS is the key here ? For long texts, there would be an elegant scroll bar.

    I can try to figure it out myself later, but before I start all this, is it possible too ?

    Yes, that’s generally fairly basic…though what you describe may not be only the CSS — it would might also require at least some customization of HTML (via PHP). Again, specifics depend on the specific page, so hard to say anything for sure.

    Ok, I’ll investigate this later ; thank you WPyogi 😉

    Before closing this thread, I have one last question. I have found some free themes as Rev. Voodoo predicted. But in the meantime, I’ve read that many of them hide links, scripts in the footer, … Does any of you know where I can check and delete those ?

    Also, should I worry with themes coming from Woo or Elegantthemes ?

    You won’t have to worry about woo or elegant

    The other free sites you might have to.

    If you get a theme from here:
    Those will always be safe – it’s the sdahdy sites that have hidden links

    You won’t be able to remove them. They are encrypted, and another encrypted part of the theme runs checks to make sure you don’t remove them… and so on….

    Ok, thank you very much for your help 😉

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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